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Here’s What Leaders Have to Say:

"Seeing and hearing Bree do the work of an evangelist with ‘the sword’ is an experience that is unique in Christendom. This power-packed ministry not only sets the captives free, but it destroys the power of the enemy."
Theodore Temple Beckett, Pres./Founder - Christian Friends of Israeli Communities

“We, the board of Faith Bible College, would like to...speak about...the deliverance of God’s people from bondage. There are but few men and women of God who truly flow in this special anointing...It is with pleasure that I say to you that Dr. Bree Keyton has this special gift from God.
We highly recommend that this mighty woman of God be used to minister to God’s people. As the Chancellor of Faith Bible College, I can truly say I have witnessed many miracles through this faithful servant. The captives have been set free!
I have personally been free from the breathing machine that doctors said...I would die without...through Dr. Bree‘s ministry.…My wife, suffering from an enlarged heart, was also healed…Zalmer J. Nichols D.P., Th.D.S.P.,
Dr. Nick Nichols, Chancellor, Faith Bible College

“Dr. Bree Keyton, through her ministry with us at Oakton United Methodist Church, brought prophetic words of truth and power! Even today, after the services took place, God is still moving through our people with healing and refreshing of their spirits! Bree Keyton illustrates through her personhood and her ministry, God’s anointing and His power.”
Pas. Larry Garfield, Oakton United Methodist Church

“Bree Keyton is a modern day Deborah. It is refreshing to have a very feminine lady wielding a heavy sword. Bree dispels any false doctrine about Jezebel...Her scriptural message exposes the enemy and leaves no doubt of his true identity. Her ministry is unique and the anointed songs set captives free.
Joyce Strader, Sr. Pastor’s wife, Carpenter’s Home Ch.

“We have had the pleasure to meet and see first hand the apostolic and prophetic ministry of Dr. Bree Keyton.  She is a warrior for the Kingdom of God and moves in the power of the five-fold ministry.  She is humble and compassionate, and has gone to the uttermost parts of the world ministering salvation, healing and deliverance.  Dr. Keyton does not compromise the gospel of Jesus Christ and is the founder of Worshipping Warriors Fellowship.
Dr. Keyton spoke at our church recently on spiritual warfare with signs and wonders following. We staked the land and experienced an “open heaven.” We are planning on having her return to Portland, Oregon, and neighboring areas in the next several months. She truly is an end-time warrior complete with the anointing of God to impart the Holy Spirit’s presence and healing power for the 21st century church.”
Pas. Roy & Carol Fowler, Shekinah Glory Ministries

“I have watched men in prison deeply touched by Bree’s unique style of writing and singing. The songs God has given her for this album are straight from His heart. She is truly one of God’s Green Berets.”
Bill Corum, Correctional Services Dir. , Salvation Army

“Bree captures the vision of a surrendered heart in her music. She is a worshipper.“
Francis Frangipane, Author/Pastor

“Bree helped to make this year's conference a time of cutting-edge ministry that informed, strengthened and built up the body of Christ in an hour when it is desperately needed."
Pas. Norm Franz, Institute of Prophetic Study

“Few artists have Bree’s passion for training up, inspiring and challenging her audience into the power and the fullness that occurs when the heart and soul surrenders…I thank God for Bree Keyton, who has challenged me into a life which longs to live surrendered to our Lord.”
Chip & Lory Brown, YWAM Personnel Dir./Marketing & Recruiting

"This was one (if not 'the' most awesome) meeting we've had in my time at Aglow (especially since I've been president). Bree truly directs our focus to the healer and helps us prepare for the miracles. My mom's healing has ministered to me the most... she received so much joy and got her eyes, hip and heart healed. She told me several days later she could see clearly. (She had multiple cataract surgery and Bree said by the Spirit something we had felt - - - that the surgery had left some damage to her eye). She got back her joy that night. My husband had prayer for glaucoma in his eye. He was supposed to be using eye drops all year but he didn't. The prayer is what drove the pressure back to a normal range. His doctor was amazed and said he didn't have to come back for a year. Many others were personally touched by the words of prophecy and ministry."
Marlene Wasinger, Pres. Hays Aglow

"Our keynote speaker, Bree Keyton, recently held a three day revival that my wife and I attended. We both agree that neither one of us have ever had an opportunity to sit under such a powerful anointing as this before. For three days we experienced the presence of God as never before. Most assuredly God was in the house. We witnessed healings, deliverance and immediately saw lives changed. There was such a strong anointing that it's hard to describe. You will so be moved by Bree's ministry…"
Kenny Ertle, Regional Pres.. FGBM

“Bree Keyton Ministry's, wonderfully anointed music carries the presence of God. The sword Bree demonstrates reminds us that our sword ( The Word of God) is powerful when we use it against the enemy. The meeting we had with Bree was one of our best.”
Vicki Taylor, Pres. Lawrence Aglow

“As a result of Bree Keyton’s obedience to the Holy Spirit and faithfulness to the call of God in her life, many great and miraculous things have happened! People were touched and healed by the power of Almighty God! They were set free from rejection, divination, unforgiveness, depression, heaviness, hate, bitterness and much more. We’ve seen peoples’ feet get touched, backaches leave, gynecological disorders were healed, one ladies’ leg actually grew out right before our eyes. There were people that received Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior!”
Brenda Matchett, VP. Praise Keepers

“Bree has ministered to the residents at Highlands Maternity Home and we have seen lives impacted for the Kingdom of God. We are thankful for the pro-life message...”
Rev. Robert Michaels, Highlands Maternity Home

“...Not only does Bree preach the gospel message, she also lives it. In the afternoon between services, when most would be resting, she drives around the area she is ministering in, prays fervently for the lost and enters into spiritual warfare, pulling down strongholds for the entire area. I have witnessed this personally. She is a powerful intercessor, excellent Bible teacher, and very talented musician; she also demonstrates the healing and prophetic gifts in power, love and integrity. I highly recommend this ministry.”
Rev. Gary Fouche’, Managerial Staff, Messianic Vision

Bree holds two degrees from UMKC. She is a certified teacher and a professor at Faith Bible College in Kansas City where she designs curriculum and is on the board as Director of Research. Bree holds doctorates in both Theology and in Administration and Education. TH.D., D.C.E.

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